PAP - Pole Aerial Photography


Photo from Maik Kaminski

PAP is the short form of Pole Aerial Photography. At this a camera is carried with the help of a telescopic pole in the air. So you can achieve a height until 15 metres. PAP is an option or addition to KAPing, especially when there is not enough wind for kiting.

For the control and triggering of the camera you can use the same technology like you use for KAPing. For example you can fix your KAP-Rig, which is usually mounted in the kiteline, at the end of the telescopic pole. Therewith you can use your radio control and the image transmission.

I use an 8 metres long telescopic pole, which is normally used for window cleaning. At the end of that telescopic pole I mount a manually adjustable joint head. On that joint head I fixed a corner bar for my Canon G10. The camera can be triggered with a Hähnel radio remote release. Additionally I can use my image transmitter and an accu. So I can check the image on my monitor.

PAP-joint head with Canon G10
weight of the complete PAP-Head: 810 g.

PAP-box with 6V-accu, RangeVideo 10mW,
voltage transformer, charging socket, switch



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