About me

Matthias Grimm (* 1966), living in a litte town named Münstedt in the administrative district Peine (Lower Saxony/Germany).

With kite flying I started in autumn 2004, after I visited with my daughter Jessika the kite festival in Wolfenbüttel. I wanted to know more about the many interesting flying objects and so I found the page of the german kite forum. On that page I found many useful informations to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. In nowadays you can meet me nearly daily in the german kite forum.

Photo from Ralf Beutnagel

First I started with two line kites and trickkiting, than I tested single line and four line kites. Meanwhile the flying of single line kites and the construction of kites predominates. I resigned with the two lined kiting completely.

During my search in the internet I found in summer 2006 informations about people which made aerial photos with the help of kites. That was extremely interesting for me, especially I had more and more fun in single line kiting. The more so because I am taking photos for more than 25 years. So I started collecting informations about kite aerial photography. I found a lot of informations in the internet and got many useful hints from Ralf Beutnagel. Many questions became answered and so the first rig was developed. I was ready for the first aerial pictures.

My KAP-Site-Banner.

During my first visit of the kite flyers meeting in june 2007 I got many new insights in KAP. The "KAP-Point" was the meeting place for many KAPers. It was a good opportunity for me to become acquainted with the KAPer scene and to gaze the different solutions for kite aerial photography.

Meanwhile I have two rigs (Canon G10 and Canon G1X) with radio control and image transmission as well as a hand adjustable Rig (GoPro Hero2) for kite aerial photography at disposal.

I am thankful for many technical hints and practical tips which I have received up to now from all sides.

I have regular telephone and personal contact to the other members of our KAP-Team (Ralf Beutnagel, Wolfgang Bieck and Andreas Napravnik). Common kap activities and kap reports round off this cooperation.

More about my deployed technology und my aerial photos you con find in the category Technology and in the Gallery.

You can find something more about me at our Homepage of the syndicate "Bunte Vögel", a consilidation of kite flyers of the area Peine, Salzgitter, Braunschweig and Uelzen.


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