Kickelberg Mill in Hedeper at 13.04.2009

Together with Ralf Beutnagel I explored on the 13.04.2009, near the end of a kap day, the localities around the windmill in Hedeper. Above a private way we reached to the windmill where we were very friendly welcomed by the family Bosse. Because the wind refreshed and became steadier, we decided to use the good opportunity for aerial photos. Family Bosse was very much interested in the technology and the unusual hobby. We received the permission to park our cars on their land, so that we needed to carry our equipment not so far. At this point again a hearty thank-you to the family Bosse. We used Ralfs KAP-Foil with Ralfs G7-Rig and afterwards with my CP5000-Rig, in each case with radio control and image transmission. We assisted each other at the kite line, so the other one could take photos. The teamwork worked again very well.

Infos to the mill:
The Kickelberg mill was built in 1900. She operated till 1956 and was later from the family Bosse bought. From 1976 to 1978 it was renovated. Besides, she received new wings, a new bonnet and new windows. The half-timbered house standing besides was built in 1630, acquired by the family and moved in 1984 from Hannover beside the mill.


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