KAP at the kite-festival in Ilsede at 10.10.2010

Ralf Beutnagel and I used at the kite-festival in Ilsede the height release of 300 m partly to make aerial pictures from a bigger height. We used my 8 square metres KAP-Foil. The wind relations were not quite easy, so that we decided on the proven kap team work. First I had the opportunity to make aerial pictures with my CP5000-Rig, while Ralf took over the KAP-Foil. Then we exchanged the roles and Ralf used his G7/G9-Rig. We were early 3 hours on the area on the way around to make aerial pictures. Many thanks to Ralf for the help at the kite line, the Peiner kite club "Colours in the sky" and the planning association Ilseder hut for the adjustment of this great kite festival.


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