Bismarck tower and Drohne tower in Osterwieck at 13.04.2009

Ralf Beutnagel and I have undertaken on the 13.04.2009 a kap excursion to Osterwieck. First we have explored the surroundings around the Bismarck tower Osterwieck on foot to find a favorable place for KAPing. Then we have "dragged" our equipment on the mountain and have brought the KAP-Foil in the air. The low wind gave us a very short time for a few aerial photos with Ralfs G7-Rig. Afterwards we have taken some pole aerial photos and then we made a small break, before we have gone to the Drohne tower Osterwieck. This lies in the middle of a field. Here we have made some ground and high stick admissions. We will give sometime the Bismarck's tower an other visit to make up for the planned aerial photos. Many thanks to Ralf that I can show the aerial photos here.


Copyright Matthias Grimm