Windmill in Hittbergen at 17.09.2011

Wolfgang Bieck and I wanted to participate at the kite fliers meeting in Artlenburg. On the way to Artlenburg we wanted to make some kite aerial photos. An attempt at the ship canal lift in Scharnebeck failed in the absence of wind, so that we drove to Hittbergen. There was absolute calm. We used the time to explore the area around the windmill. Then about midday we arrived in Artlenburg. There we spend a few nice hours with other kite fliers. When the wind relations further improved, we decided to go once more to Hittbergen. We started the kite out-of-town and went along the road to the windmill. After the first successful aerial photos were changed the roles, so Wolfgang could make some aerial photos. Our kap-teamwork worked aout really well again.


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