KAP at the post mill Liebenburg at 17.10.2010

Ralf Beutnagel and I met us with a film team from theNDR (reporter Ina Stelljes, sound assistant Trine Armbruster and cameraman Oliver Schwier) at the post mill in Liebenburg for the production of a documentary about Kite Aerial Photography. Nevertheless, in spite of the difficult relations (grey skies and with it little light as well as just sufficient wind), we took some good aerial photos in the proven KAP-teamwork. We used Ralfs 8 square metres KAP-Foil and my CP5000-Rig. Though after a while the lighting conditions became better, unfortunately, for it the wind further decreased. We had to get down the technology from the air to avoid damages. Subsequently we and the film team drove home to film also the viewing and the selecting of the aerial photos. The report shall soon be seen on NDR.

Many thanks to Ralf for the great teamwork and to the NDR and the filmteam for the interest to make a report about KAP.


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